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Beautiful Copper Home Decor

At TNT Copper Fabrication, LLC, I provide custom fabrication and handmade pieces of work to enhance the appearance of your home. Copper is a highly workable material. I can manipulate the natural aging process to achieve the desired patina. My designs require zero maintenance.

I am a skilled worker and can use zinc to give your project the desired look.

Copper Range Hoods

My custom copper hoods are very popular and they are one-of-a-kind creation. They are fabricated by hand. I can make hoods to meet everyone’s preferences.

Copper Cupolas

The copper cupolas that I make at TNT Copper are unique. My cupolas are the most durable and substantial cupolas available today. I can even build your customized cupola to fit your specifications and desires.

My copper cupolas can be used to enhance buildings while some models can be used to ventilate a barn or other outdoor structure.

Copper Finials

Copper finials, copper spires, and copper roof caps for turrets make for finishing touches with timeless elegance that I handmake using copper and brass.

Copper finials bring a subtle but effective accent to the structures. You can use them creatively to adorn cabanas, pergolas, and garnish gardens and landscapes.

Bespoke Chimney Caps

I can design copper chimney caps that suit the chimney and style of your home. My chimney caps are custom designed to fit any flue style and size.

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Copper Roof Vents

Roof ventilation plays an essential part in keeping heating and cooling costs down while preventing structural damage to the home. Copper roof vents are not only attractive but functional and durable as well.

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Metal Options

At TNT Copper Fabrication LLC, I offer ornamental interior and exterior accents with a variety of metal materials. From copper to zinc contact me to discuss all of your design options.

Get the most durable and stunning metal accents for your home today.