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custom copper kitchen hoodsCustom Copper Kitchen Hoods

TNT Copper, located in Sunset, Utah, is operated by Master Coppersmith, Tim Nimtz. Tim has been serving customers all over the United States with the highest quality custom copper kitchen hoods for many years. In fact, Tim has been working with homeowners, interior decorators, and architects, all over the US for more than 30 plus years. He takes pride in his craftsmanship and strives to produce the best custom copper, brass and zinc products possible for his clients.

Tim’s passion is creating custom copper kitchen hoods that reflect your style and personality. His goal is to make your dream kitchen comes true with the perfect custom copper kitchen hood design possible. Tim brings decades of experience working with design professionals, designers, contractors and homeowners across the country. He has built hundreds of custom copper kitchen hoods and other decorative products such as lighting fixtures, fireplace surrounds, custom countertops, dormer vents, chimney caps and much more.

Tim has been trusted by many individuals and celebrities to create these great custom copper kitchen hoods for their homes, offices, and other residential and/or commercial uses. So, if you are looking for that high quality custom copper kitchen hoods, or any other custom copper, brass or zinc specialty piece, give Tim a call at 801-941-1368. He looks forward to sharing his craftsmanship with you and he looks forward to being of service.

custom copper kitchen hoodsFeel free to visit our website presentation showing many of the custom copper kitchen hoods designs that he has produced and delivered to satisfied customers.