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Copper Fabrication & Installations

I offer quality copper fabrication and installations for all types of interiors. For the past three decades, I have installed my works in homes and offices across all regions of the USA.

Quality Copper Interiors for Your Home

Copper never goes out of fashion in home furnishing and décor! It has stood the test of time and has played its part in decorating homes, churches, castles, condos and even offices.


TNT Copper Fabrication, LLC

Experienced Coppersmith

I am Timothy Nimtz, and I own and operate TNT Copper Fabrication, where I offer custom copper fabrications. I am a coppersmith who makes a wide range of custom products specializing in kitchen range hoods.

Three Decades in Copper Fabrication

At TNT Copper, I have been working with homeowners, interior decorators, and architects, all over the US for more than 30 plus years now. Much to their satisfaction!

Specially Crafted Copper

With TNT, you get to utilize my experience and skills. I uniquely craft and handmake all the pieces and do not pass them to someone else. I have been trusted by many celebrities to create pieces for their homes.

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