TNT Copper Fabrication, LLC  

  Custom Copper  fabrication from our shop to your home.
Quality Copper Fabrication & Installation. Installed at your home or building site in all regions of USA, Canada and Mexico.
We also specialize in shipping  our pieces anywhere in the world.

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About TNT

In 1982, after High school, I moved from Boise Idaho to Santa Barbara California. I was Eighteen years old and was soon employed at a refrigeration and air conditioning supply company. After One year. I was hired as a sheet metal Fabricator and Installer for a small local heating and air conditioning business. Then I was hired on at another company that was the largest HVAC company in Santa Barbara at that time. They had many employees and had a great reputation for good service and high quality workmanship. I was very fortunate to serve my apprenticeship under 2 of the best sheet metal fabricators in the state. I worked under them for 
over 5 years.

My  custom and ornamental copper has been exposed to high end residential construction and remodeling for some very well known Hollywood celebrities. I performed my copperwork on Hollywood actor Mr. Gene Hackman's private estate. I've also installed my custom work for the Mr. James Brolin residence. I have fabricated and installed copper work for the  actress Prescilla Presley. I also installed  my work in the home of and recording studio for musician and song writer Mr. Jim Messina of Loggins and Messina. I soon had a reputation of my own for quality workmanship and as a skilled coppersmith and craftsman. After receiving my California State contractors license, I started my first business working with copper. I was an expert at copper roof metals and flashing's, as well as custom copper interior accents. After five years I moved to create my custom copper and install on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kona.

We did large custom residential vacation homes for corporations from the US all the way to  Japan. I performed work on the Nintendo residence as well as the Toyota residence. I also worked on the private residence of the New York Investment firm, Mr. Charles Schwab  The Hall family private residence, who were the owners of Hallmark Cards. After 10 years it was time to return to the mainland to start my own company.  Because of the demand for high quality craftsmanship and the rich architecture of Utah's mountain homes, I  decided to open my business here in the beautiful Ogden, Utah. I now have nearly 30 years of experience working with copper and sheet metal.  Its time for me to design, fabricate and install all of the copper work on your next project. 

Call us for a quote on your custom copper fabrication project (801) 941-1368 or
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