TNT Copper Fabrication, LLC  

  Custom Copper  fabrication from our shop to your home.
Quality Copper Fabrication & Installation. Installed at your home or building site in all regions of USA, Canada and Mexico.
We also specialize in shipping  our pieces anywhere in the world.

Call us for a quote on your custom copper fabrication project (801) 941-1368
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TNT Copper Fabrication

From our shop to your home or business. We travel & install anywhere.
We also ship our custom copper to anywhere in the world.

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TnT Copper Fabrication is located at 2117 North Main Street Sunset,Utah 84015. We just opened our new showroom for interior copper home decor. We can ship anywhere and travel to all regions of  the US

TNT Copper Fabrication's Vision:

TNT Copper Fabrication has brought its vision and custom copper work all over the western US Region for the past 30 years. Our work is displayed over high profile homes of some of Hollywood's finest from Gene Hackman, Priscilla Presley, James Brolin, Charles Schwab and many other fine homes. TNT Copper Fabrication has been handcrafting the highest quality of copper fabrication and custom copper pieces all over the western region of the United States. From The Island of Hawaii, to the cliffs of Santa Barbara, to the peaks of Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah.

Our vision at TNT Copper Fabrication is to bring our custom copper work to your home. TNT Copper Fabrication is unique as we travel and install our custom pieces all over the western U.S. region and we also ship our pieces all over the world.  Would you like to add a touch of beauty to your home or a touch of the old world, that complements and enhances your architectural and building ideas? TNT Copper Fabrication specializes in designing and building customized copper products in a variety of styles. Visit our product information pages (above) to view examples of our recent creations. Our creations range from our custom copper range hoods, copper cupolas, custom chimney caps, copper finials, copper sinks, copper weather vanes, copper coins and much much more. Our custom copper decorative pieces are available and a top seller.  
Click here to view more of our ornamental copper pieces.

Our copper projects and installation section for architects, builders, contractors and homeowners:

Interior section:

To schedule your copper project design and installation project for the interior of your home,  from the Salt Lake City area to the far banks of Alaska, follow the
link here.

Exterior Copper Section:

To schedule your custom copper design, copper fabrication and installation project for the exterior of your home anywhere from the Salt Lake City area to the far banks of Alaska, follow the link here.

As a copper artisan my true enjoyment comes from the love and desire for creating unique and practical designs.   Outside of my companies "Standard Line of Copper Products", I have fun creating other pieces that I refer to as "Ornamental".  I have recently finished a few of these pieces, which offer many different uses and applications. My custom designs are why my copper services are utilized all over the western region...
When a client has an original idea of something they would like to have created, we work very closely with them.  We can work with the homeowner, designer, architect or builder directly.  Working through the internet, in person or on the phone enables us to help create your design idea with you, in order for us to than produce the finished product. 

Our Custom Ornamental Copper Design, Ordering and Shipping Section:
Ornamental interior and exterior copper accents for your home and garden. Specializing in hand crafted copper kitchen range hoods and decorative hammered copper. All products are custom made to order by our coppersmith Tim Nimtz with over 25 years of experience. Other speciality items include, hand hammered copper interior waterfalls, any and all custom copper accents, cupolas and copper finials with no limitations to your creativity. One of our top selling specialties is our custom made hammered copper items as seen in some of our photos below. Follow this link to place your order on any of our custom copper pieces or call Mr. Nimtz to schedule an appointment today at 801-941-1368.

The Beauty of TNT Copper:
Copper has been used in architecture, jewelry, and adornment for thousands of years because it is aesthetically appealing, highly malleable, and has a unique appearance that sets it apart from any other metals. TNT Copper uses over 30 years of working with copper to separate himself from all other coppersmith's in the western region. Contact Mr Nimtz today for you custom copper pieces available. (801)941-1368.

Please see our custom pieces available under our custom copper pieces sections click here

Some of the most common locations that our coppersmith Mr. Nimtz travels to for his custom work are located below: Also some of our favorite custom projects in these areas range from copper back splash, copper cupolas, of course our most popular copper oven range hoods, our hammered copper, our copper sinks, copper weathervanes, copper finials and many many more copper fabrication pieces. We also specialize in copper roof repair copper gutter repair and all copper repairs. Give us a call today at 801-941-1368.

Breckenridge, CO, Jackson Hole, WY,  Sun Valley, ID, Taos, New Mexico, Couer D' Alene, ID, Sandpoint, ID, Telluride, CO, Denver, CO, Aspen. CO, Crested Butte, CO, Vail / Beaver Creek, CO, South Lake Tahoe, CA, Flagstaff, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, Sedona, AZ, Montecito, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, Boulder, CO, Castle Rock, CO, Durango, Co, Grand Junction, CO, Silverton, CO, Park City, UT, Huntsville / Eden, UT, Ketchum, ID, Kalispell, MT, Los Alamos, NM, Steamboat Springs, CO, Henderson, NV, Las Vegas, NV, Brentwood, CA, Hollywood, CA, Carmel, CA, Napa, CA, Orange County, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Beverly Hills, CA, Monterrey, CA,
Palm Springs, CA, and the following states: California, Texas, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, Alaska, New York, Georgia, Alabama, New Orleans, Louisiana, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Delaware, Rhode Island, Florida, Mississippi and it can be arranged for our copper fabricator to travel to all other states for his custom copper fabrication.
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